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about me

Wild Welva is a street art project, born in 2015 in the city of Huelva, Spain.

Its main goal is to give a new life to some forgotten places through wildlife and public art.

Seba Ventana (1980 - Bonares, Spain) creates large drawings on paper focusing on animals and wildlife as a poetic metaphor to talk about humankind, contemporary life and emotions.

Wild Welva uses the city and the landscape as a scenario where animals tell their human stories.

We can find his works in cities and natural landscapes such as Rekjavik, Paris, “Marismas del Odiel” National Park, London, Bristol, Huelva, Cacela Velha, New York, Seville or Berlin. Wild Welva has also pasted his works in Universities, Museums and international art fairs such as “ARCO Madrid”.

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